Specialized Equipment Applications
John Deere Loader
This loader belongs to the California Department of Parks and Recreation. It is kept at Huntington Beach State Park on the Pacific Ocean. Corrosion began to appear after a few month of exposure to this environment. The customer wanted a coating system that would withstand this highly abrasive and corrosive environment.
Surface Preparation
All windows as well as major body components that could be removed were taken off. All parts were steam cleaned. Critical areas were masked and protected prior to being abrasive blasted. All accessible surfaces were abrasive blasted to SSPC-SP-5 White Metal Grade to remove all paint and corrosion.
Base Coat Application
All blasted areas were primer coated with a rust inhibitive epoxy primer to a thickness of 4 mils minimum. The second coat of Polibrid™ Elastomeric Urethane was applied to a dry film thickness of 20 mils minimum. Special attention was given to hard to reach areas and details.
Finish Coat Application
A urethane primer was applied over the elastomeric coating. The loader was finished with multiple coats of polyester polyurethane which matched the original John Deere Yellow.
After four years of continuous exposure to a severe coastal environment the loader is still in excellent condition. The customer is extremely satisfied and has recommended our company to others on many occasions. This unique coating system is highly abrasion, impact and corrosion resistant and will retain its high gloss and color for many years.

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