Specialized Equipment Applications Elgin Street Sweeper  

The customer asked for one more year of service . . . we gave them five!

This sweeper belonged to the City of Santa Monica, CA. The combination of sweeping up beach sand and salty water severely damaged the hopper body of this sweeper to the point that it had rusted completely through in many areas. The customer needed one more year of service until they could purchase a replacement.


  Surface Preparation
Critical areas were masked and protected prior to being abrasive blasted. All accessible surfaces inside the hopper were abrasive blasted to SSPC-SP-5 White Metal Grade to remove all existing paint and corrosion.

  Coating Application
All blasted areas were primer coated with a rust inhibitive urethane primer to a thickness of 4 mils minimum. A base coat of Polibrid™ Elastomeric Urethane was applied to a dry film thickness of 20 mils minimum. Areas where the metal had rusted away were covered with nylon mesh and another complete coat of Polibrid™ Elastomeric Urethane was applied to all surfaces. Final dry film thickness was 40 mils minimum.

  Before After  

The city kept the sweeper in service for five additional years before they sold it in operating condition. The urethane lining was still in great shape

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